New Zealand
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All photos courtesy of Film NZ unless otherwise noted.

Lay of the Land

Two Birds can take you places that are out of reach to other production companies.

Soar over the world’s biggest film set – spectacular mountains, primeval rain forests, placid lakes, rugged beaches, imposing glaciers – until we find the location that’s exactly right for your project, and we’ll make sure you always land feet first.

Weather & Seasons

Despite variable weather conditions, New Zealand’s climate is moderate. During the winter expect highs of 15° Celsius (59° Fahrenheit), and lows between 0 and 10° (50° F). In summer expect highs between 20 and 30° (68–86° F), and lows in the mid teens. Of course, this all depends which part of the country you’re in!

December – February
March – May
June – August
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